Mirror over fireplace feng shui

Mirror over fireplace feng shui

Mirror over fireplace

we need to follow the rules of Feng Shui is that in terms of positioning a mirror in the room. Yes, in Feng Shui, the mirror is not a trivial matter. Mirror is an essential tool in Feng Shui, because the mirror is in a position to capture all at one time in a reflection of Chi. Improper mirror placement can be fatal, because later this negative energy will be reflected in the room. Consequently, it is of influence on the physical, mental, and mentally inhabitants. But if the mirror in place – at the right place, it is quite possible that there is a positive Chi in the room bigger.

Mirror Over Fireplace

Everyone certainly like to see a beautiful object. The visual enjoyment certainly creates positive energy for the owner. Therefore, try to get a mirror placed in an area that is capable of something beautiful, which is reflected in the room. One of them with beautiful paintings on the wall opposite the mirror. Alternatively, you can also put the pots of art, vases and beautiful flower in the aquarium or a statue in front of the mirror so that reflections can be seen in the mirror.

Mirror over fireplace proportions

Avoid placing a mirror in front of the street outside the house, especially if the existing road right in front of your home is fairly busy road impassable for vehicles. Nuance pressure and reflected its side effects and cause negative Chi.

The size of the mirror are not too large and not too small. What is clear, let the mirror is too small and could only half of the objects to cater for him. For example, if you stand in front of the mirror, you can only see your head. This will surely make for a less positive image of yourself. Also, do not place a mirror too low, so that part of the object is not reflected in the mirror.

Round Mirror Over Fireplace

Shape or mirror design is quite diverse and each – each form has its own significance. However, infromasi base collected from the site Feng Shui Vibes, shapes and models of square or rectangular mirror reflects a balance octagon is a symbol of strength and a round mirror as a symbol of the unity of the whole.

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