Master bedroom tray ceiling paint ideas

Master bedroom tray ceiling paint ideas

Tray ceiling paint ideas

Here are some inspiring ideas yellow paint for various space. Because, as red, yellow, rarely used and often considered not a good color to decorate the interior of the house. In fact, with the right touch, the color yellow can bring different impression depending on needs. Although still, there are accents and cheerful spirit that will be shown on this color.

Paint Ideas For Tray Ceiling

Bright yellow

Bright yellow color is very risky if not handled properly. Because these colors can give a striking impression, childish, (and if not treated) dirty. Therefore, when using bright yellow color, try to apply in the right room. For example, you should not apply this color in the room designated as a place of rest (or combine the colors are more muted). Use also varied furniture that has a soft impression to minimize the effects of this color brightness. The use of tree ornaments will make the room more beautiful.

yellow Soft

Sloped Tray Ceiling Paint Ideas

Muted yellow color is much more secure than the bright yellow applied. However, this color giving the effect is less “happy” than pastel.

Colorful tray ceiling paint ideas

Yellow in Motif Line

The yellow color also can be applied together with other colors in the motif. Choose the color matching pair of yellow. Avoid choosing a color brightness setipe. Suppose a bright orange. For a combination of both would be too obvious to the eye. Choose colors like black, white, purple, gray, and blue.

Yellow Faux Finish

How to finishing the walls can be done in various ways. One of them is the application where color faux finish walls look like coloring crayons. When used yellow paint, the result will be far more neutral than bright yellow.

Yellow for ceilings Home

When you get bored with the color of the ceiling is too monotonous, try to apply the non-white paint on this part. For yellow, the effect shown is still the same (cheerful) but the results will be visible surprise as applied in the ceiling.

Yellow on Wood Wall

Wooden wall finishing options is much greater than the wall. You can apply the color yellow with a choice of solid, transparent, antique, duco, etc.

Yellow for Furniture

In addition to the permanent parts of space, you can also take advantage of cheery yellow accents on the furniture in the room.

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