Fawn brindle paint sherwin williams

Fawn brindle paint sherwin williams

Fawn brindle paint

Have you experienced problems in the paint the walls of your home? Such as peeling, paint color is not the same (striped), liming, to paint a bloated? If yes, then you certainly would not want to do repairs and repainting the house look beautiful to be back.

Fawn Brindle Paint

Problems on the wall paint does not interfere with the building structurally. But it creates a feeling uncomfortable and uneasy, and reduce the beauty of the look of the home. You might want to fix it as soon as possible to paint the walls with new paint.

But you know, many causes damage to paint the wall. For that you should know the types of damage and its causes, so that the same damage can be avoided, while reducing the risk of new problems. Because just like went into battle, the better we know the opponent’s weaknesses and strengths prior to preparing a strategy for the fight. Let’s just paint the wall that troubled it is your opponent you should know his weaknesses

Well, in this article we will discuss about the types and causes of the problems are common paint on the walls of the house. What causes the problem? Consider the following explanation.

Fawn Brindle Paint Exterior

  1. Paint peeling. (Flaking / Cracking)

Flaking paint on the walls can occur due to two things, namely by the cleanliness of the wall to be painted, and the use of poor-quality acian. Flaking paint marked walls with peeling layers of paint alone, showed no effect on acian, it is because there is oil content in the wall so that the paint does not stick perfectly. In contrast to the cracking that can be seen with flaking paint, accompanied by layers of chipped acian who participated as well.

How to fix the problem in this case is to do with flaking paint using sandpaper on a wall paint problematic to run out, and then clean the wall until it is clean of oil, dust and other impurities that can cause the paint does not stick well to the wall. Specifically on the wall that experienced cracking, the process shall be repeated pengacian (acian replace old damaged), after that, barulahmelakukan repainting the walls.

  1. Cat ballooned (blistering)

The cause of bubbles in the paint due process of painting is wrong, acian yet perfectly dry, and re-paint the painting process is too fast.

How to solve problems with the wall paint is experiencing inflation is by removing the old paint that have been damaged, as well as perform sanding the walls acian are experiencing the issue, after clean and dry followed by repainting.

Fawn brindle paint exterior

  1. Liming (Chalking)

Calcification that occurs in the paint caused by paint that does not have resistance to sunlight. Errors in the use of paint can also cause calcification, such as interior paint for exterior use.

How to overcome the problem of wall paint experiencing the calcification process is to first analyze the location of the cat in question, on the exterior or interior. If problems occur on the exterior can be overcome by replacing paint with special exterior paint product by first removing paint a troubled first course. Meanwhile, if it occurs in interior paints, then performed by removing layers of paint, and using alkali killer on the wall, after it dries, then repainting.

  1. saponification (saponification)

Which coagulates and softened paint on the walls is called saponification / saponification. This happens because the value of alkalinity on a high wall. So when do the painting, the paint will cause a reaction that causes the paint could not provide maximum results.

Troubleshooting steps saponification are: remove old paint by way of exfoliating using a pulley, and then clean the wall in question until free of dust, the next step is to coat the walls to be painted using alkali killer so ph wall becomes normal, the last step then you can do repainting after the dry wall.

  1. Crystallization (efflorescence)

As is the case with the problem of saponification / saponification, the cause of the efflorescence is because the alkali content in the wall / walls. The alkali content will form salts and carried on the surface of the wall paint, and this process will be faster if environmental conditions / damp walls.

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