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Build a house it’s unlikely to be complete if we also morbidly building a bathroom in it. Although often the most distinguished Untukan considered inessential, but the actual function of the bathroom is important.

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It used the bathroom may have a function as a place to wash up after a day undergoing a variety of activities, but it is currently functioning bathrooms are often transformed as a place for relaxation, and even look for inspiration Images Source. I wonder who started that, despite sounding slightly ridiculous to find an idea in the bathroom, but if difikir again, it does sound plausible.

First, the bathrooms usually are diUntukan the rear of the house so far away from the page, and other places Ruanganan other family members get together, so that the bathroom has an atmosphere which is more quiet compared with other Ruanganan.

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Second, unlike other Ruanganan that sometimes have a bit of temperature heat, the bathroom has a relatively cool temperature Ruanganan to make us feel comfortable.

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Bathroom atmosphere that calm and cool is this which can make a person feel comfortable and be able to think freely due to avoid interference from other sounds. Well, that’s because many functions which in addition is very important to keep the bathroom We keep it clean, it is important also to make the look of the bathroom We look attractive as well as comfortable.

To make the bathroom to be comfortable, there are many ways that we coud do, from big things like look for furniture with unique design, up basic things like choosing paint colors bathroom wall, or motif bathroom floor. Well, a lot of people who think, decorating the bathroom just focus on how we choose the furniture and customize it with the concept that we want to look good.

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