Articles pour la maison de sélection de la lampe

Articles pour la maison de sélection de la lampe

Lampes de marchandises à domicile

Why do we find attractive and restless in other places? Why are we attracted to one product? Color, architecture, or 60 percent of the object or the reaction products in position.

Lampes à Arc De Biens Ménagers

“Buzz” for color, usually called “color psychology.” However, the color effects are subtle and significant; physical and psychological. the use of color is not something that happens between “our color and mood,” as the phrase now popular the last equation. Wherever we go we react to color, but the color value is often underestimated. The use of color is very important for us personally, in our homes and in the places where we work.

If you do not know what color, experiment in the locker room or in the bathroom, a small room or space between rooms or accent wall to start. If you create your own image, select the area that can be done quickly, so that you can see the results in the first place, and be happy with it, or change it. Take a look at this process as an adventure.

Lampes de chambre de marchandises à domicile

To get started, choose your favorite color drawn works of art, carpets, tableware and accessories or furniture as the main color or accent.

Maison Et Lumières

When choosing colors, consider the atmosphere of the room. In the bedroom, a sense of calm and relaxation, or dramatic and intimate you? , Neutral soft colors and generally cold, a sense of calm, while bright colors to create a theater.

The room feel happy and stimulating desire, or appear formal, quiet place to do? Colder, contrast and vibrant colors give a nice atmosphere; deeper blue-greens and neutrals give a formal setting.

Local children to create an active and exciting energy or the orderly and peaceful feeling? Be careful not to irritate their children with very bright colors. you may not know, but it could use a lighter color due to anxiety and irritability

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